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#UnderTheSheets with... Idalia Salsamendi!

Our Cotton Candy pyjama set have hit the four corners of the world in 2022 - we're suspects, but how can you not love the comfort of this jammies, the delicacy of the colour and the possibility of customisation? - and it was spotted during the Cannes Film Festival!

Photograph: @idaliasalsamendi (via Instagram Stories)

Idalia Salsamendi (entrepreneur, business strategist, influencer and fashion insider) carried it in her bag so she could make her Cannes debut and not only did it fit her perfectly, but it delighted those who peeked at her shares on Instagram Stories during the days of her trip with Chriselle Lim.

Did we have a happy dance (or several!) when the messages full of compliments arrived in our inbox? Of course we did!

See all the details about the Cotton Candy Pyjamas - perfect for all year round! - HERE.