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"Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside"

Coco Chanel

Under Sleepwear is a dream pulled from the drawer of the head of two dreamers, in August 2020.

Presenting differentiated, stylish and comfortable (and not boring at all!) pyjamas with luxury quality, was our main goal, but we quickly realized that through this idea we could also contribute to raise everyone's self-esteem, even when they are at home (and in pyjamas!), because we believe that moments of pause are as productive as the most busy days.

All Under Sleepwear pyjamas are produced in the north of Portugal, by the hands of specialized seamstresses, with whom we are able to have a more personal connection and verify that they have fair working conditions. We are proud to say that we work with factories and people who are in tune with our ethical values and who are as enthusiastic as we are about our ideas, patterns, colours and collections.

Designed to last and provide the non-negotiable comfort we all crave for during a good night's sleep or an afternoon spent between movies and popcorn (not to mention a trip to the beach or dinner on the town!), Under Sleepwear pyjamas are unique garments (especially if you add a special embroidery!).


We believe that we all should wear what we like, without preconceptions or rules, and that pyjamas can be as versatile and fun as a dress or a blouse.

Let's get UNDER the sheets!