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ALERT: Kismet Special Edition has arrived!

In the Year of the Tiger, we invoke the auspicious characteristics that Chinese culture attributes to this animal and present two pyjamas designed for women who are not afraid to make bold choices. The Kismet pyjamas, which celebrate values such as courage, vivacity, strength and confidence, are just a click away from today (World Tiger Day, of course!) and are waiting for you with a special launch price.

We have long wanted to incorporate the tiger pattern into our collections, but it didn't make sense for us to simply use the pattern. So we challenged the illustrator Joana Molho, who created an exclusive design - with tigers, of course! - for us. The colours contrast with the choices usually associated with sleepwear, but... why not?!

The name of this edition is of Arabic origin and, although it is not related to Chinese culture and does not have a literal translation, it means fate/sin. When we remembered the word, we knew the name was chosen.

Until 7 August, the Kismet sets are at the special launch price of 79 euros. After that date, it will revert to the original price of 85 euros. The two pyjamas, in green and in pink, are available exclusively in our online shop (HERE) and can be customised below the collar, above the pocket or on the cuff (peep our article on customisation and see how simple it is to create a pyjama exclusively yours!).

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